Are you a Dominatrix, Cam Model, Dancer, Adult Entertainer, Erotic Writer, Erotic Artist, or Sex Worker (or anyone else, business, or organization) who markets to an adult audience?

Do you feel like you’re having problems getting engagement and traction in your business?

Does social media confuse you or would you like to be more effective in marketing?

Do you want a polished unique identity that brings you money?

Are you frustrated by social media or other platforms that have vague and contradictory rules, and are sometimes outright hostile to people who market to an adult audience?

Do you need help with a business challenge, or pricing, or how to get things going?

How about a chance to talk to someone who has been marketing and branding adult services for over two decades now, has a proven track record, and is completely sympathetic to your situation?

Dirk Hooper and Sexy Networking can help.

We’re going to teach you how to get more engagement on your social media, how to market yourself better, how to refine and broadcast your brand, and help with your business challenges.

Sexy Networking offers the Adult Marketing and Branding Report, a spectacular package of services for a special price.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the business, if you’ve been around a while, or you’re a season professional, everyone can benefit from the new insight and evaluation process in the Adult Marketing and Branding Report.

What you’ll get:

  1. Online Assessment: We’re going to go through your entire online presence, including your social media accounts, any web platforms you’re on, and any websites you own, and do an evaluation of what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. This extensive process will give you a wealth of information on how to improve what you’re doing with practical and specific advice.
  2. One Hour Consultation: You’ll get an hour of one-on-one consultation with Sexy Networking’s Dirk Hooper. He’s going to interview you, ask you a series of custom questions about your brand, your strategies, and your goals, then go over what we discovered during the Online Assessment and give you time to ask your own questions. You can get answers about your online presence or about your business, or whatever you need to improve your game. Many clients have remarked that this phase of the Adult Marketing and Branding Report was worth the entire cost of the package alone.
  3. The Report: This is a 20+ page written report that includes the information that we discovered and discussed during the Online Assessment and the One Hour Consultation, plus a wealth of information and strategies on your brand, your social media strategy, your business, your goals, any challenges your having, and how to take your business to the next level.

Your investment with this package will pay off in real money for you now, and in the future. If you implement the advice in this report it will pay for itself many times over.

And if you’re a fan of someone, there’s no gift that you can give that will help them get to the next level faster than the Adult Marketing and Branding Report.

You’ll get a package of services that are valued between $400 – $800, for only $199 for individuals.

I also offer the same packages of services for businesses for $299.

This price could change at any time, and will.

You’ll get the Adult Marketing and Branding Report, which includes the Online Assessment, One Hour of Consultation and the Custom Report that will give you the tools to define and broadcast your unique brand, explode your engagement, help with your business challenges, and help you get the attention you deserve.

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Here’s What Some People Are Saying About the Adult Marketing and Branding Report

“I would 100% recommend taking advantage of the consulting services that Dirk Hooper offers! He is very professional and has so much knowledge about the industry. The advice that he gives definitely pays off!”

— Perfect Pam | @perfectlypam10

A huge thank you to Dirk Hooper for his help with my branding makeover! He’s incredibly thorough, patient and has made what seemed like an impossible, chaotic process easy and even exciting. I’m looking forward to tackle it all!

— Domina Saraya

@DominaSaraya | April 4, 2018

Ladies, if you want more info about how Dirk Hooper and Sexy Networking helped me, I’m happy to answer questions!!! Dirk was very thorough and his written feedback and suggestions are the perfect road map when you’re getting started!

— Kaylie XO

@KaylieXO1 | October 22, 2018

Shout out to Dirk Hooper and your endless well of magical, inspirational knowledge of our biz. You were amazing yesterday with your tips and advice to get Me to where I’m headed. And it’s only just begun……
Thank you,
— Ms Lisa

@erotic_ms|June 11, 2019

Hello and good morning! Just got done reading some great marketing advice by Dirk Hooper of Sexy Networking. First thing I learned is what bifurcation means. Also, I need to post more current pics of myself. No time like the present to start using good advice with a morning selfie!

— Robin Wildheart
@hedonistrobin | April 6, 2019

Dirk Hooper