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Professional Writing by Sexy Networking

Do you have a website that needs quality copy that not only effectively tells your story, but also leads your clients and customers to spend their money with you? Sexy Networking can help.

Whether you are building a website, launching a new product, need an article that goes in-depth, or want a press release that sizzles, Sexy Networking can craft the words that deliver.

Sexy Networking specializes in adult projects, but has done exemplary work for a pharmacy, an oil and gas services company, small town newspapers, and many other types of clients.

Copywriting by Dirk Hooper

Copywriting at Sexy Networking is done exclusively by Dirk Hooper. He has recently had articles published at Business Insider, HuffPost, Slate Magazine, Quartz Magazine and even the Sporting News. Hooper has won the Top Writer award at for the past two years.

The quality writing that has led to being published at some of the most prestigious sites and magazines in the world, is the same writing that will get you noticed, help you define your story and take your business to another level.

Copywriting for You

We’re going to take an honest assessment of your company and your project, and do comprehensive research to make sure that the copy that is written for you is unique, compelling, and communicates who you are.

Whatever the project is, the custom writing will be professional and help get you the results you need. An investment in writing by Sexy Networking will pay off now and in the future.

How Do You Get Started?

Email Dirk Hooper now to get started.


Dirk Hooper

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