Small Business Marketing in Oklahoma City by Sexy Networking


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Internet Marketing by Sexy Networking

Sexy Networking is an Oklahoma City based small business online and internet marketing firm focused on helping you with integrated services like, copywriting (writing for a website, social networking account or advertisement), local internet search optimization (SEO), social networking strategy and interactive web design.

Why do you need Small Business Marketing?

2009 was the first year that more business phone numbers were searched online than in a phone book or by dialing 411.  2014 was the first year that mobile searches (smart phones and tablets) outnumbered desktop and laptop searches.

If you created a website years ago and thought you did what was necessary to sustain and grow your business then you are losing customers to your competitors right now.

What can Sexy Networking do for your small business?

We will do an Initial Consultation with you to determine where you are and what your goals are.  Following the Initial Consultation, we will do an Interview with you, conduct an Assessment of your online and offline marketing, and create an Action Plan.

The Sexy Networking Action Plan will be a roadmap to igniting your online marketing efforts across your own optimized, interactive and responsive website, establishing a solid social networking presence, getting you listed in all the right places, creating a media relations plan and uniting offline marketing tactics.

The investment you make with Sexy Networking will pay for itself by bringing you the customers and clients that you’re losing right now.

What we do for you is affordable, but exceptionally effective and at a fraction of the cost of bigger firms.

We work lean and mean for you.

Want to Improve Your Small Business Marketing?

Email Dirk Hooper now to get started.

If you need our help to implement the Action Plan, or you already have your own plan, we offer an extensive list of services that you can see by visiting our New Media Solutions page.


Dirk Hooper

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