Adult Personal Branding by Sexy Networking
Sexy Networking Can Help You Get The Attention You Deserve

Personal Branding by Sexy Networking

If you’re an alternative model, adult performer, erotic writer, dominatrix or anyone else with an adult audience, then you know about the difficulties of getting your message out to the public. Dirk Hooper is a fetish photographer and has been dealing with restrictions from search engines, to social networks, to media outlets and everywhere else for over fifteen years.

What Dirk Hooper’s Sexy Networking offers you is a wealth of experience in successfully navigating and conquering the restrictions and challenges that you face in adult personal branding, so that you rise above your competition.

Profile and Popularity Makeover

Personal Branding begins with identifying and refining the story about who you are. Unless you want to look like everyone else, you need to figure out what makes you unique and Sexy Networking can help. Once we define your brand we can create a unified message that will be the cornerstone of your marketing campaign.

Social Networking Strategy

Almost everyone is using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites to get the message out to their fans. Unfortunately, most people do not understand effective strategy and the importance of creating a unified brand across platforms. People who market to adult audiences face a number of very unique restrictions on content as well. Sexy Networking can set up a content marketing plan for you, and help teach you how to implement the plan so that you will reach the widest audience.

Web Design

If you don’t have your own website and you’re relying on Facebook or Tumblr to connect with your fans, then you’ve put your future in the hands of a giant multinational corporation that doesn’t care about you, and could be gone overnight. You must have your own website to serve as a headquarters for your brand.

Sexy Networking can help you get your own web address, set up a hosting service and create an interactive responsive website for your brand. We can write website copy for you, do graphic design and integrate quality onsite search engine optimization to help you get found by Google and Bing searches.

We can even teach you how to update the website yourself, or assist you in providing updated content.

Media Relations

Once we have created your personal brand, set up your social media strategy and designed a website for you, Sexy Networking can continue to help you expand your reach. We can write press releases about your accomplishments, seek interview opportunities for you, craft articles that feature your story and even do photography and video to expand your presence.

What Can Sexy Networking Do for You?

We will do an Initial Consultation with you (completely free) to determine who you are and what your goals are.  Following the Initial Consultation, we will do an Interview with you, conduct an Assessment of your online and offline marketing, and create an Action Plan.

The Sexy Networking Action Plan will be a roadmap to igniting your personal branding efforts across your own optimized, interactive and responsive website, establishing a solid social networking presence, getting you listed in all the right places, creating a media relations plan and uniting offline marketing tactics.

The investment you make with Sexy Networking will pay for itself by bringing you the opportunities and followers that you’re losing right now.  What we do for you is affordable, but exceptionally effective and at a fraction of the cost of bigger firms.  We work lean and mean for you.

How Do You Get Started?

The Initial Consultation is free.  Email Dirk Hooper now or call (405) 445-0130 to set up a meeting.

The Interview, Assessment and Action Plan is a package deal for $249.  If you need our help to implement the Action Plan, or you already have your own plan, we offer an extensive list of services that you can see by visiting our New Media Solutions page.