I found out about Dirk Hooper and his services through a friend, who is in the industry and was very happy with his work.

I decided to give it a go and went for a social media brand report. All I can say, that it exceeded my expectations by far.

Dirk’s approach is very personal to each case, he dedicated much more time to me than outlined in the reports offer and frankly – his work really changed how I look at and run my business.

Even within the first phone call that we had he managed to address a lot of the issues that I wasn’t able to solve on my own for a long time.

He is the most pleasant, friendly and positive person to work with. His knowledge is very broad & industry specific, which I couldn’t find anywhere else. Skills & knowledge aside though I think it’s his drive, genuinely positive intentions & respect for people in the industry that makes his success.

Although I walked away from the report with pages full of very beneficial advice, tips & detailed instructions what to do, what I found most valuable was getting to know a person that is inspiring and passionate and is there for you every time you need him.

On top of that, I recommended him to a friend whom I collaborate with and immediately after him taking over her twitter, it started growing rapidly. Recently, we found ourselves in a cab going to lunch in London as she showed me the work he has done for her and expressed how “easy her career was now, that she didn’t have to worry about it”.

I know for sure that this is only the beginning of our collaboration and I am very proud to have found someone that knowledgeable and helpful to assist me on my journey. 

Lady Melisande Sin

Dirk Hooper

Dirk Hooper has two decades of experience with adult branding, marketing, social media management, and writing, for his own projects, and professionally for dominatrixes, feature entertainers, models, writers, artists, events, and numerous small businesses. He knows the unique challenges that marketing to adults brings, and he can help you get the attention you deserve.


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